Key Principles

OFS provides solutions rooted in the key principles of digital transformation that enable growth for new and established businesses alike:


Configuration, coordination and management of networks, systems and services


Interconnected business processes that provide data to one another​ and drive efficiencies

Automated Execution

Reduction of the budget, operating time, and human intervention to a minimum level

Progressive Partnership

Proactive advisory and technology infrastructure that grows with your organization

Bundled Services

OFS integrates financial functions and software with business operations to provide real-time intelligence through enhanced reporting capabilities.

Financial Transaction Recordkeeping

Maintain a detailed record of every dollar that flows through your business and receive historical transaction reporting on the schedule that works best for you.

Accounts Payable

Digitally collect and store all information concerning who you pay and why you pay them while you remain in complete control of when the funds leave your account(s).

Accounts Receivable

Digitally collect and store all information about who pays you and why, then automate the invoicing and collections process based on your preferences.

General Ledger Accounting

Communicate with a dedicated accounting manager who reviews all recorded transactions to ensure accuracy and completeness before providing you with financial reporting tailored to your business.


Ensure that all payments made to employees are properly tracked and disbursed in the right amounts with tax compliance built into the process.

Cash Management

Track your cash balances, receipts, disbursements, and available credit balances across all of your accounts from a single screen.

Budget Tracking

Set quarterly revenue and expense budgets and review your actual results against them with your dedicated accounting manager.

Tax Returns

Have the OFS tax team prepare and file your federal, state, and local tax returns as part of your service plan.

Fixed Assets

Maintain a detailed ledger of fixed asset acquisitions, depreciation schedules, and disposal transactions automatically shared with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Purchasing.

Inventory Management

Maintain an inventory tracking system mapped to the General Ledger that allows your company to forecast depletion and timely replenish inventory stock.

Project Accounting

Automate budget to actual tracking and reporting processes to illuminate the true project costs, time, and expenses while helping you manage resources, billing and revenue recognition.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Develop financial models, custom internal and external stakeholder reporting, new market strategies, fundraising materials and more on an as-needed basis.

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