How It Works

Initial Discovery

After reviewing your company’s background information, an OFS team member familiar with your industry will schedule an initial phone consultation. Within 48 hours of the consultation, we will send you a high-level services proposal.

Current Environment Evaluation

If our high-level services proposal aligns with your expectations, we will perform a detailed review of the existing financial system and related business processes currently in place to establish an implementation plan and timeline that works best for you.

Engagement and Onboarding

Our Customer Success team will provide you with a personalized onboarding guide introducing you to your new OFS team members, and then work hand in hand with you to complete the implementation process (typically 30-60 days).

Taking Control

Once your OFS environment is designed and implemented, it will put your executives confidently in control of the company’s finances. You will be able to eliminate wasteful processes, access real-time business intelligence and optimize the way you make business decisions.

Tell Us About Your Company

Send us some basic information and an OFS team member will contact you within 24 hours.