Your business
is growing in size & complexity​

You have​​

  • More transactions​
  • More manual data entry​
  • More customers
  • More employees
  • More vendors
  • More software applications
  • More stakeholders​​
  • More decisions​​

You need​

  • Standardized records with universal search
  • Outsourced bookkeeping & back office support
  • Automated invoicing & collections
  • Time/expense tracking & payroll administration
  • Streamlined payment approvals & disbursements
  • Integrated, real-time financial data & KPI’s
  • Customizable reporting & a single source of truth
  • Answers faster


OFS enables your business to move and grow faster by improving efficiency and arming you with timely data & analytics to make decisions confidently.


Fully-customized solutions tailored to your specific needs

Real-time Analytics

Digital real-time business analytics accessible through dynamic dashboards

Tax-ready Accounting

Accounting processes designed to facilitate year-round tax planning

Cash Flow Visibility

Cash collection and disbursement workflows with detailed audit trails accessible 24/7

Automated Reporting

Automated publishing and distribution of internal and external stakeholder reporting

Flexible Architecture

Extensible cloud solutions that can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure

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